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When budgeting for office expenses, in office printing remains an expense many business owners underestimate — or simply fail to consider. Finding a middle ground between maximizing your printing needs and staying within your budget often presents a difficult challenge. Fortunately, with basic planning and simple processes, you can overcome this obstacle and reduce costs without losing a step.

To save money right away, avoid using colored ink when possible. Color print cartridges cost up to 40% more than black print cartridges. Color documents take longer to print and consume more power, therefore increasing your price per page. Sticking to black and white ink for most print jobs helps you reduce costs.

When possible, print on both sides of the page. Using the front and back of the paper reduces paper consumption up to 30%. Use this technique especially for rarely accessed files and records.

Purchasing recycled printer paper in bulk also decreases your business’ printing expenses. Recycled printer paper runs a lot cheaper than newly manufactured paper and is better for the environment. If you are unsure about how using recycled printing paper will affect your finished product, simply try some out next time you purchase paper.

Determine the right font for your document and printing needs. Special fonts conserve ink usage. When printing a document, ink accounts for about 60% of the cost. The fonts Century Gothic, Ecofont and Times New Roman actually require less ink.

When creating your document, keep the wording short and sweet. Providing information in a concise manner will maximize your document’s purpose while saving money.

Finally, double check your document. Look for any spelling or formatting mistakes you missed previously. With more expensive photo printing, check for cropping mistakes and potential red-eye removal. Looking over your document before printing verifies that you won’t be disappointed by the finished product — and have to print it again.

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