Tips For Poster Design

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Posters remain a fun and easy way to create excitement for a special event and push information out to a large number of people. While designing a poster seems simple, it is critical to consider certain design requirements before completing your poster project.

Any basic design process includes design elements that help ensure your document stands out and makes a lasting impression on your audience.

Seven things to consider when creating a poster:

  • Big, Bold Headlines. Your poster needs to be seen from a distance. Include a large headline that’s bright and draws attention. It can be an addition to the art element or it can be the art element itself –– either way it needs to catch people’s attention.
  • Include Details. Information such as what, where and when should be almost as prominent as the main heading. Provide information in a concise manner and make it large enough so it stands out, but doesn’t overpower the headline.
  • Contrast. Capturing the eye of your audience is the goal, and contrast helps you accomplish this. High contrast between different elements, such as the color of type versus the color of the background, helps make your poster easier to read.
  • Size and Location. Consider factors such as where your poster will be posted and what size it should be. These factors help with choosing design elements, graphics, colors and typefaces.
  • Make It Visual. The poster as a whole should serve as a visual while conveying the desired message. Include one dominant image that is recognizable from a distance, such as a close-up of a face, a single item illustration, a common scene with a sharp focal point or even an intriguing typeface. However, be careful about layering elements as contrast can hurt the visibility of your image.
  • Spacing. In poster design, spacing is key, and will dramatically increase the visual impact. Add space between individual letters, as tight kerning causes letters to blur when seen from distances. Adding space between lines of text, around interior margins of the canvas and between different elements is also beneficial. Lastly, add space around the most important element of the poster to catch the interest of the audience.
  • Call To Action. Complete your design with a call to action. Whether it’s a time sensitive offer, a discount or limited availability, help push your audience towards a decision.

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