Basic Tips For Business Cards

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In this day and age, with so many online options for business cards, how do you choose a card that ensures your business stands out? 

When you need a quality card that is eye-catching and memorable, quality materials and professional printing can make all the difference. To make a great first impression, take the time to create a card that people will notice.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing your business cards:

  • Understand basic design principles: Though small, a business card remains a major part of your brand. Make sure it looks organized, clean and readable to everyone you pass it to. Double check that your typography is legible, that your image is far enough away from the end to look professional and that your colors don’t clash with each other.
  • Get creative: Nowadays, you won’t hold anyone’s attention span if your card isn’t creative or interesting to look at. A regular business card doesn’t illustrate anything about your brand’s identity or vision –– so make sure that your business card grabs your audience and shows them what you’re really made of.
  • Use a special finish: A great way to grab your audience’s attention and break away from other business cards is to laminate your card in a special finish: like foil, matte or gloss.
  • Double, triple and quadruple check: As the first thing a potential client see, your business card makes an impression — either positive or negative. Typos, grammar mistakes, words running off the page or images that look grainy are embarrassing for your brand. Mistakes are what consumers remember, so ensure that you create a lasting impression with a professionally designed card.

Quality business cards are a great addition to any growing business. They provided a chance for people to remember you, to recall your company at a later time and grow your consumer base. Make sure your business card exemplifies this, that it encourages your target audience to learn more about your brand.

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