Looking to make a direct impact on your customers and prospects for an affordable price? Direct mail and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) allows you to put your message in front of a large, targeted group of customers.

Direct mail targets your specific demographic –– people that fit your target age, gender, income level or geographic location. When trying to extend your reach into new markets direct mail is your best option.

EDDM focuses your message on a specific geographical area. EDDM eliminates the need for a mailing list, sorting, envelopes and labels. Simply choose a specific area based on mailing routes and our professionals do the rest!

Direct mail and EDDM makes for an affordable and targeted advertising option that provides you with control over who receives your marketing mail.

Communicate with your customers easily with our direct mail and EDDM services. Our professionals make the process simple and easy by handling design, printing, sorting and mailing. From start to finish, our experts strive to make marketing to your customer base a smooth and stress-free process.

For more information on how direct mail and EDDM can benefit your company contact the experts at Custom Service Printers, Contact us here or call us directly at 231.726.3297.